Review: Bittersüßes Vermächtnis by C.R. Forster

bittersüßes vermächtnisSeries: Standalone
Genre: LGBT (f/f), Romance, Historical
Rating: 3,5/5 stars
Cover: I do like it, although it might fit a gothic novel better?
Buy: Amazon
Trigger Warnings: sexual assault, suicide

Description: Irland, anno 1814.
Rhona McLeod ist eine junge Aristokratin, die ein wahrhaft ungewöhnliches Leben führt. Niemand ahnt, dass sie allen gesellschaftlichen Konventionen zum Trotz ein mehr als inniges Verhältnis zu ihrer Zofe Sofie pflegt.

Als Rhonas wohl gehütetes Geheimnis aufgedeckt wird, ändert sich alles. Von einem auf den anderen Tag findet sich die willensstarke Frau in einem Strudel aus Ängsten, Intrigen und in dem magischen Bann der Countess O’Callahan wieder. Bei ihrer unermüdlichen Suche nach Antworten stößt Rhona auf ein bittersüßes Vermächtnis …

Auch das unbeschwerte Leben der Zofe Sofie findet ein jähes Ende. Erniedrigt und in die gnadenlose Wirklichkeit gestoßen, wird sie zur Marionette in einer perfiden Inszenierung, die auch Rhona ins Verderben reißen soll …

Kann Lady Rhona trotz der düsteren Schatten der Vergangenheit ihre Zukunft meistern? Und wessen Leben wird Sofie opfern, als sie vor die grausame Wahl gestellt wird?

Review: I have to start with stating that I am not a fan of historical novels. Not because I’m not interested in history or the past, but because of the language. This novel uses the usual ‘theatrical’ language so many other historical books – especially romances – use as well. I could have worked with less adjectives for example. But that’s personal taste.

The story itself had me captured, especially Sofie’s part of it. She has to work through and survive so many difficulties… and her development is a great one. I didn’t care much for her former lover’s life. Rhona wasn’t that interesting in my eyes. Maybe that would have been different if the threat of a forced marriage would have been more present, but maybe not.

Even though the main focus is on romance, there is some information about politics like the revolution in Ireland. There is a lot of drama in this novel, part of it thanks to the political situation, but mostly thanks to all the different romantic affairs.

Bittersüßes Vermächtnis is C.R. Forster’s debut novel, as far as I know (at least that’s the only book I could find) and it is very promising. So if this author ever branches out and leaves the historical genre… I’ll know I’ll read another book by them. Hopefully it’ll get translated so my non german speaking, historical romances loving readers are able to read it.
Disclaimer: I was provided by Butze Verlag with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Review: Bittersüßes Vermächtnis by C.R. Forster

    • Yeah, I know 😀 But there were sooo many… Sometimes a desk is a desk. I don’t need to know its height and colour and how old it is. From time to time or if it’s important, it is okay. But every time? No…
      Back when I was learning english and finally thought I was ‘ready’ to read english novels, I had this rule. If I can understand the description without any problems, then I can probably read the book itself without using a dictionary for each page. And since this one is a german one, I thought maybe there are others, who are learning german and maybe they have the courage to read this one, if they understand the description. So that’s why 🙂


  1. Don’t speak German, but definitely know what you mean about historical novels and the language. Sometimes historical novels are really well done (like KJ Charles), but sometimes the author gets a bit too carried away!

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