Review: Tanz ins Flutlicht by Lina Kaiser

Tanz ins Flutlicht

Series: I don’t know if there is a title, but this is book 2 of a series.

Genre: LGBT (F/F), coming out, romance

Rating: 5/5 stars

Cover: I like it.

Buy: Amazon

Trigger Warnings: Homophobia, lots of alcohol consumption

Description: Die Abiturprüfungen stehen an. Katinka hat keine Ahnung, was sie danach beruflich machen will. Als hätte sie nicht schon genug mit ihrer ersten lesbischen Liebe zu tun: Sie fragt sich, wie Eltern und Freunde auf ihr Outing reagieren werden. Wird sie es auf Dauer schaffen, die Beziehung in der Schule geheim zu halten? Und findet sie es tatsächlich in Ordnung, dass Emilia mit einem Jungen zum Abiball geht? Als ihre alte Fußballkameradin Britta wieder auftaucht, wird alles noch komplizierter. Katinkas Weg zum Erwachsenwerden führt sie hinaus aus dem Versteckspiel, mitten hinein ins Flutlicht.

Review: I have read the first installment in this series a few weeks ago, but as soon as I had read the first page I was back in the story again. At first I was unsure if there had to be a second novel, because… what should happen? But after reading this book, those doubts went away.

The story is very realistic – I am sure a lot of LGBT teens and adults can see themselves in it. There is a lot of drama, more drama than anything else, but somehow it isn’t too much. Instead it nearly made me cry.

Katinka really develops in this book, but I still wanted to shake some sense into her. I wanted to do the same with Emilia… both character’s actions still make a lot of sense. And I just love the ending! I was prepared for something different (which would have left me with a disappointed feeling), but this? Perfect.

If you are looking for a reason to learn German, this is it.

Disclaimer: Butze Verlag provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Review: Tanz ins Flutlicht by Lina Kaiser

  1. Okay, I don’t speak German so I can’t understand this book, but I think it’s so great that there are LGBT novels in German, French, Italian, etc… I’ve seen a lot of smaller publishers starting to push toward translations!

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    • I’m really happy I found this publisher. They have some great books and hopefully those books get translated. Now if only bookstores would put LGBT related books in their shops… at least the ones in Germany I know don’t have them.


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