Comment: Fade to black by Tim McBain & L.T.Vargus

Description: Any minute now a hooded man will come barreling out of nowhere and kill me.
So that sucks.
I know this because it has happened six times before. I wake up in this alley, hung from a post by a piece of rope lashed to one ankle, tied in a hangman’s knot. After several minutes of work, I pry my bonds free, and about thirty seconds after I hit the ground, this guy in a black hooded robe gives me a pretty bad case of death.
His hands are cold on my neck. And dry. I try to fight him, to claw at his eyes, but I can’t reach, to scratch at his arms, but he’s too strong. He’s silent. I try to yell at him, but I manage more of a gurgle and some clicky noises. I don’t even know what I’d say, I guess, but I can assure you that he seems like a real dick.
Everything goes all fuzzy and fades to gray, then black. I die, and then I go… someplace else, I guess.
I don’t know. I can’t remember that part just now.

So it begins. One second JEFF GROBNAGGER is standing in line at the grocery store, and the next he’s in an alley where a hooded figure strangles him to death.
This happens over and over again, every time Grobnagger has a seizure. Alley. Choking. Death. Repeat. What for? Why would anyone want to kill him repeatedly? Is it just a seizure dream? When a sniper’s bullet shatters his apartment window, he realizes two things: he’s in serious danger, and there’s no way he’s getting his security deposit back.
Scroll up, click the cover to Look Inside and read the first chapter.
Live. Die. Repeat.

I have read one book by these authors before (Review here) and this one has the same voice. It’s always great if you read a book and are able to say who has written it, isn’t it?

It seems to be a really creepy book (‘dreaming’ of your death? creeeepy), but the sample still made me laugh. That’s one of the things I liked about Casting shadows everywhere and I am sure if I read this series, it will be the same.



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